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Johnathan Thomas – Commensalism EP


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For our tenth release, we welcome Samara Beats’ Johnathan Thomas for a decidedly more meditative project to end what has undoubtedly been a muted year for club culture.

Rather than lament the ongoing situation, the release aims to both highlight and complement home listening; an acknowledgement of the multifaceted nature of electronic music in 2020. This isn’t to say the release lacks any of the usual energy, but more so to celebrate the distinct sonic expansiveness on display.

The EP finds a set of collaborative tracks from the Chicago-based producer, weaving across the plus-tempo spectrum alongside fellow producers LecoughSki, K2T and HammerZz.

The Silence broods with its fragmental halftime rhythmics and foreboding dystopian synths, an engrossing ghost print that brings to mind the atmospherics of both early techstep and classic Burial.

Conversely, Turning Point, with its celestial pads and weightless atmospherics, offers a brighter outlook, satisfyingly grounded with jittering hats and a thumping hip hop backbone.

Daydreams delivers the most visceral experience; an energetic fusing of footwork-adjacent ardour and modern jungle lucidity, the forward momentum is complimented playfully with an ever-shifting arrangement. Maybe this one will make you miss the club a little bit…

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