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Walters x Harka – Lights Up / The Way It Is


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Reform music is proud to present a collaborative project from Walters – a London-based producer with a love for the classic sounds of UK drum and bass, back for another release with us – and the Yorkshire-based producer Harka, usually combining the aforementioned sounds with a modern futuristic twist. They both compliment each other’s talent in a way that flawlessly blends the line between modern and old-school drum and bass.

‘Badman Lighta’ creates an immersive and energetic experience with the mix of rupturing sounds of jungle, deep basslines, a sprinkle of modern rollers, sirens, and with added, rather aggressive, vocals, as if almost instantly teleporting you right in the middle of a high-speed police-chase where everything is at stake. Getting off the highway and taking things to a more deeper state, ‘The Way It Is’ instead offers us a relatively minimalistic sound with its heavy, periodically wobbling, sub-bass, combined with the chopped deep vocals, essentially putting the listener into a hypnotic-state through the intricate sounds of drum & bass. The two tracks together are almost made for small underground venues where the clearly prevalent sub-bass can flow through the crowd’s body, leaving them only with hopes for more.

The collaboration between Walters and Harka is exactly what Reform Music is about – broadening the definition of bass music with innovative new ways of production, which is exactly what was achieved with ‘Badman Lighta’ and ‘The Way It Is’.

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